With a chimney broken at the roofline, this was a masonry chimney repair job from the shoulders up. The chimney was a high risk for falling off the roof during an earthquake. Further, the existing fireplace did not function and would smoke if a wood fire was being used. We removed the exterior existing chimney to the shoulders and installed a reinforced concrete bond beam, with vertical rebars, internal chimney blocks and reinforcement straps to secure the whole thing. Additionally a second defunct center chimney was removed and the hole repaired.Read More →

The existing masonry chimney on this Berkeley home serviced two fireplaces and was broken at the roofline. From a distance it looked just fine, but closer inspection revealed a dangerous horizontal crack at the roofline and an open void at the top of the existing chimney and cracked liners. Damaged chimney liners with cracks and gaps are a fire hazard. When we removed the unreinforced masonry chimney we found rusty small and loose metal brackets holding the chimney to the house! We replaced the second floor fireplace with a zero clearance gas fireplace  and installed a reinforced concrete bond beam at 2nd floor level, with straps tying the chimney to floor levelRead More →